28 september 2011

Showtyme Records

Rahsheed outta Philly - also known as Maylay Sparks - has been affiliated
with alot of Scandinavian rappers through the years and recently he did a colab
with the dirty south crew Muddy Fatique from Malmö. Although the track posted
above was made in 1999 it's still a timeless one. With strong lyrics over a sample
from the spaced out movie La Planète Sauvage - what could go wrong?

You may recognize the beat since the same sample is used for Big Pun's
''Boomerang'' and Promoe & Supremes ''Street Level Anthem''
that was dropped on good 'ol casette back in 1999 by Dj Taro.

DJ Jazz - R.A.P. feat. Rahsheed @ Discogs
DJ Jazz - R.A.P. feat. Rahsheed @ Megaupload

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Anonym sa...

samplingen också använd av madlib ett antal gånger till quasimoto-grejer.