17 oktober 2011

Stocktown: Part 3

Yo! Since we haven't updated much lately due to laziness and mad hangovers we decided to shape up and roll outta town to make the camera sweat. The amount of tags in Westaroze is somewhat obsolete these days, and when fresh shit finally hit the walls the buffers are quick to erase it. Soon though come the icy winter so
let's hope that some of the tagging stay's up for a while.

It felt really inspiring to sweep the streets of our capital city and see so many varied styles being thoroughly done. We give you this update since we wanted to share the energy and love that's put into the tags & also to promote some of the illest writers in Stocktown.

Anywayz, we wanna holla at all you V-ås writers who keep it tight and
defy bad weather and sleep in order to lighten up the concrete
and give us graff-junkies our daily fix of dopeness. One!