15 februari 2012

3 Ess & Dj Shorty

3 Ess from Gothenburg - Sweden was a nineties group involving
Danne, Racklas-S a.k.a. Tha Marginal Error, Gubb (Tha Brigade)
and Kristus a.k.a. Gravity, also a member of Tha Brigade.

This clear blue vinyl was released in 1999 on Pilo Productions,
beatbaxing done by Dj Shorty and production by Zynk that also has
delivered dope shit for both Mics Of Fury and Form One among others.

Don't forget to check their Swedish version of Dre's ''Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang''.

3 Ess & Dj Shorty 12'' - Discogs

3 Ess & Dj Shorty 12''

Illizit - Gubb's Label

Coulisse Record Shop

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